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Which Car Parts Should You Replace On Your Own?

How much do you spend on car maintenance? Is that amount getting uncomfortably bigger? If you want to save on maintenance costs, there are some things you can do like doing your own car maintenance.

Car maintenance also involves replacing parts of your vehicle. Have you ever done that or do you just leave it in the hands of mechanics? Although it is best to let professionals make the replacements, it is much more cost-efficient if you do it on your own. There are some car parts that are easy to replace and you should definitely start with these.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers help you see the road clearly. However, when you use them often, they could also create smear marks. Sometimes, they can also cause squeaking noises. These are easily available and you can even purchase them online. To replace them you simply have to unclip the old ones and clip the new ones. 


Regular oil change should be done as per the manufacturer’s suggestion. The oil usually costs about $25-$70 depending on which you choose. You only need a few tools to do this and it is quite simple. 

Oil Filter

When changing the oil, it is also great to change the oil filter as well. You can get to it when the oil has been drained. Changing it at the same time you change your oil will help make sure that the engine optimizes efficiently.

Light Bulbs

Whether it is the tail lights or headlights, you can easily replace the light bulbs once they go out. It will ensure your safety and it is required to have them fixed. Taillights can be accessed from the trunk while headlights can be accessed when you open the hood. 

Brake Pads

Brake pads could also wear down due to use. Replacing them will help ensure your safety. To replace them, you first need to remove the wheels of the car. Although it is not that simple to replace and could require you a bit more work to do, it can be done and will save you a lot. 

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs vary in price but changing them could reach up to $100. There are cars that need 4 spark plugs like those with four-cylinder engines. On the other hand, some will need 6 spark plugs like those with a V6 engine.


Car batteries are meant to last but they could also degrade over time. It is recommended to change them after about 3 years. It is another car part that is very easy to install. You just have to remove the old one and plug in the new one. 

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