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The 5 Most Dangerous Conditions For Driving

Most of us think we’re pretty good drivers.  That is, until we find ourselves is a downpour with 40 mile per hour winds driving next to a big rig truck.  In cases like these even the most skilled drivers grip the wheel a bit tighter.

Bad road conditions and unfavorable weather are often the prime causes of fatal accidents on the road and so its important to stay off the road, or if that’s not a possibility, to take extra precaution driving weather conditions in order to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

So with safety in mind, we wanted to talk about the 5 most dangerous weather conditions to drive in and what to do should you encounter them…

Strong Winds

Strong winds are dangerous because they are likely to go under the vehicle, and put pressure on the handling and braking system of the vehicle. This will make handling and braking a hell of a task to do.

Hence, during strong winds, drivers are recommended to drive through areas that are enclosed by buildings and are hence, not exposed to the strong wind currents.

At the same time, it is important to not to take high sided vehicles out in such conditioners, and to use both of the hands on the steering for better control.

At the same time, take extra precautions when motorcyclists and cyclists are around as they happen to be the most vulnerable in such a weather condition.

White Out Snow

When a road gets covered with snow and ice, car accidents become quite common. Hence, in such a scenario, slow driving is highly recommended. This even applies to the four-wheel and SUV drivers.

Although SUVs happen to have a better road grip, if not handled properly, they may also get involved in fatal accidents.

Also, try to break early on in such a condition as brakes happen to be less effective in ice/snow because of reduced friction.

Tule Fog

As compared to the rain and snow, a fog may seem to be a lesser threat. However when fog gets bad, as in tule fog bad it can be equally dangerous if not more dangerous than any other condition out there.  In areas of the world where extreme fog is a common occurrence, accidents and deaths are elevated.

In extremely foggy conditions, the visibility on the roads is reduced greatly. As a result of this, drivers d not have enough time to react against any potential dangers. Hence, it is recommended to drive very slowly and cautiously in foggy conditions, especially on the highways.

Complete Dark

Driving in the dark may not be as dangerous as the other conditions such as fog, winds, snow/ice, but it can certainly cause accidents if the right precautions are not taken.

During the dark, high beams are recommended so that the drivers can see as a far as possible. Atop that, it is also important for the drivers to drive slowly so that brakes can be applied just in time.

Other than that, flashing the lights should be completely avoided as it could distract the other drivers on the roads.

Heavy Downpours

The problem with heavy rain and floods is that it reduces the friction coefficient between the tires and the roads. As a result of this, a car can be expected to slide away if the brakes are applied.

Hence, it is extremely important to drive very slowly during heavy rain.

In the case of a flood, however, drivers are not at all recommended to go out on the roads as it can cause brake failure, resulting in fatal accidents.

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