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Great Ways to Prevent Your Car From Sunlight

It is a commonly known fact that the Ultra Violet (UV) rays from the sun can cause damage to the human skin. These rays are not only harmful to the humans but also for the paint of your automobile. As constant exposure to the sunlight can cause the paint of your car to fade away at a very rapid pace and make it look worn out and old even if it is relatively new. Therefore, it is best that you should take care of it and do not expose it to extended sunlight. One way of protecting the car from unnecessary exposure to sunlight is to keep it in a garage or a covered parking place, by doing so you will not only protect the exterior paint of your car but also the rubberized tires and headlights from damage. If you are really in love with your car or in other words a car freak and want to see it in showroom condition even after 10 years, you can try the following.

The Car needs to be Washed Frequently

If you are looking to keep the exterior of your car in mint condition even after extended use, the first and the foremost thing you should do is to wash it on a regular basis. Make sure that your car is parked under cover and not exposed to any direct sunlight, before washing it. If there is any grit and grime on the car just hose it off. It’s now time to give your car a bath; you can do it with an automotive cleanser and a soft cotton mitt. There will be areas on the exterior of your car that will have stubborn road tar or even bug splatter and they do not come off easily. Instead of going rough on these areas it is advisable to use detailing clay bar. Now when your exterior is neat and clean, you can rinse it thoroughly to make sure that all the cleaning product residue is wiped off completely.

Do not forget to Hand-dry the Exterior 

Well, by the mere thought of hand drying your car with a cotton rag can leave you in question whether you actually want to do it or not, as it is really time-consuming. But leaving your car to air dry can be really damaging for the paint of the car. There are minerals in the water and when they come in contact with the air they can lighten or even fade away the paint at spots. So it is best to hand-dry the car exterior after washing it.

High-Quality Wax

Now when you have washed and hand dried your car, just to add ice on the cake apply a quote of high-quality wax. The wax will not only make the paint of the car to shine even brighter but it also protects the exterior from the UV rays. The car wax also does not let any dirt or dust to stick your car.

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