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Expert Tips To Lower Your Monthly Maintenance Costs

While I’ve just about seen everything you can see in my 25 years+ as a mechanic, but I am constantly surprised at how many vehicle owners don’t understand that their car or truck needs to be maintained!

These machines have have wearable items like tires, motors, and transmissions, and since they wear out over time, there is an inherent expense on keeping them running their best.

Nevertheless, some people are still shocked to discover that they’d still have to pay for such services. If your budget is tight and is looking for a way to lower down the maintenance cost, don’t skip the maintenance procedures. Instead, read down below to discover various ways of lowering down your maintenance cost.

Carefully Select The Car To Purchase

Larger vehicles or trucks are chosen by some people because of their versatility. They can be used in various scenarios but do you really need one all the time? If you just need a ride that can get you from one point to another without carrying too much or having to fit a lot of people in the vehicle, it would be best to get a smaller vehicle that could cost less to purchase, maintain, and fuel. Assess your need for a car and carefully select the best one suited for your needs. 

Improve Your Driving

Your driving style will affect the wear and tear of the vehicle. How do you accelerate and slow down? Aside from the wear and tear of your vehicle, your driving style can also affect fuel economy. Drive less aggressively and try to maintain your speed. 

Get Car Insurance

It is a great idea to get car insurance but you should also be smart about what to get. It is best to compare them and get quotes. Carefully read what is they cover and don’t hesitate to ask and clarify if there are things you don’t understand or if you just want to make sure. 

Tire Pressure Matters

Your tire pressure is important and you should regularly check it to make sure you are not driving under-inflated or over-inflated tires. Tires with the right pressure can help with fuel economy. Plus they can also lessen wear and tear on the tires as compared to those who are driving with tires that aren’t optimally inflated. The optimal tire pressure varies but manufacturers have a suggested one in the manual. Most gas stations have an air station that you can use for free.

DIY Simple Car Maintenance

Car maintenance like replacing the air filter, lights, or even the oil can be done easily. You save on labor costs when you do these simple car maintenance procedures. Plus you also get to spend some precious time getting to know your vehicle even more. 

Earn From Your Car

Cars can cost money to own and maintain but they can also be a source of income. You can run side hustles like signing up for Uber or Lyft.

During your spare time, you can choose to work to earn more so that you can spend the extra cash on car maintenance. 

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