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Caring For Your Car At The Time Of The COVID Pandemic

A different aspect of our lives is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all try to figure out and ease in into the new normal, we have to learn to adapt. Working from home and avoiding public places is common. 

Most are suggested to stay in their homes if they don’t have anything important to do outdoors. That might mean that you’d get to drive your car less than you usually would. However, you should still make sure that you properly take care of your car even at these times. 

What Can Happen To A Car That’s Not Driven?

Cars are built for the purpose of being driven. That is why you can’t just store your car, don’t use it for a long time, and expect it to be in great condition afterward. If it is not driven for a long time, safety issues can develop so you need to carefully check before you use it again. When you haven’t driven your car for a long time, the following things can happen:

Rust In The Brake Rotors

Rust in the brake rotors can happen when there is moisture and the car doesn’t move. Having this can be dangerous once you drive your car again. Also, leaving the parking brake on for a long period of time increases the risk of it getting stuck to the calibers.

Flat Spots On The Tires

Another risk of not driving your car for a long time is developing flat spots on the tires. This happens when the car’s tires are in the same position for a long period of time. The weight of the car being carried by the tire causes it to develop a flattened area. When you drive your car again, you will notice that a bumpier ride. In some cases, you might have to replace the tires entirely. Car tires that are stored in less than optimal pressure are also more likely to develop flat spots. 

Dead Battery

Another issue that can happen is a dead battery. The battery can die when the car is not used for a long time so if you do plan not to drive your car for a long period, removing the battery is a good idea. This can also help prevent damaging the vehicle in case of a battery leak. 

How To Keep Your Car In Great Shape

The problems stated above can take place if your car sits for too long. However, there are things you can do to still keep your car in great shape even when you limit yourself to using it. Less use of cars could mean you could postpone some maintenance procedures especially those that are done depending on how many miles the car has been driven, like fuel filter replacement. However, there are some maintenance procedures that shouldn’t be skipped.

Here are some of the things that you should do to maintain your car during the pandemic:

Drive Your Car 

Even if it’s just once a week, make sure you drive your car to make sure that it is still drivable. Driving your car also makes your battery healthier and rolling the wheels help even out pressure to avoid flat spots. When you drive your car around, the fluids in it are also circulated and distributed properly. This helps with proper lubrication of the vehicle and helps avoid sedimentation of the accumulated dirt.

Inspect Your Car Regularly

You might not be using it regularly but you have to check and inspect the different parts of your car regularly. If it is parked too long, it is possible for pests and other creatures to turn it into their homes. This is especially true if you eat inside the car and accidentally leave some food there. 

Keep It Covered And Regularly Washed

Car covers will help protect your car from different unwanted materials like dust, bird droppings, or sap. These particles can cause damages to the exterior and paint of your vehicle. If you don’t cover your vehicle, you have to wash it regularly to remove those particles and avoid build-up.

Fill Up Your Tank

Letting your car run out of fuel or constantly run on low fuel is not a good idea. Moreover, leaving a small amount of fuel in the tank while it is stationary for a long period can lead to moisture build-up. Avoid this by filling your tank with fuel before letting it sit for long prolonged periods of time. 

Properly Inflate Tires

As we’ve said, tires have the tendency to have flat spots when they are stationary for long periods of time. Eventually, tires will develop that flat side but with proper air pressure, you can slow that down. That could help save you a lot because you won’t have to replace your tires. 

Carefully Choose Maintenance Services To Delay

Even if we said that some maintenance procedures may be delayed, you should still be very careful about those that you choose to postpone. Make sure you don’t delay any maintenance that’s related to safety. This would include everything that affects your car’s ability to be driven properly like the brakes, transmission, and steering, just to name a few.  If you really need a mechanic’s service, there are shops that are open. They’ve also taken the necessary steps to provide safety and avoid contamination and spread of the virus. 

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