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Can Mobile Mechanics Do What Garages Can?

What do you do when you notice that your car is smoking or having problems? Do you call a mobile mechanic to have your car serviced or do you just bring it to the garage? There is now an increasing number of mobile mechanics. They are now bringing to us the services that we need rather than bring our car to them. But are mobile mechanics really comparable to car garage services? We are here today to figure that out.

What Is A Mobile Mechanic

As the name implies, a mobile mechanic is a professional mechanic that could provide their services anywhere you are. They can service your car at home, at your place of work or they may even do it at the side of the road, provided that it’s safe to attend to your vehicle there. Mobile mechanics could work with roadside assistance and towing companies and come to your aid when you need to.

Advantages Of A Mobile Mechanic

One of the main advantages of hiring a mobile mechanic is their flexibility. They’ll be able to adjust according to your availability. You can decide to meet them up during your lunch break at the place you work and they will be there. They can offer you better convenience. 

They can even provide you with their services after your work at home. You just have to schedule them and they’d come. Mobile mechanics are very convenient for people who can’t find time in the day to bring their car to the shop. 

Another advantage of a mobile mechanic over the garage is their price. Most of the time, mobile mechanics are cheaper because they have less overheads. They do not have to pay for the place they’d be working on your vehicle and they would only need to cover their own wages. They also don’t usually have a middleman and you can directly talk to them. This lessens the costing and it even helps with better communication. Even if it seems they charge higher because they come to you, they don’t really charge that much.

Can Mobile Mechanics Do What Car Garages Can?

In a way, yes. Mobile mechanics can also do what car garages can do but they may be limited due to the tools that they have. However, don’t belittle them for their vans or trucks would fit a whole lot of tools that will do exactly what you’d expect to be done in garages. 

Mobile mechanics come prepared and carry a lot of tools so they usually fix whatever is needed to be fixed. However, if your car needs a specialized and specific tool for it to be fixed, it is possible that they won’t be able to fix it immediately within the day. They could come back at a later time and bring the tool that they need. 

Additionally, there may also be limitations to what mobile mechanics can do on the site. If the car requires the mechanic to go underneath the vehicle, it could be more difficult to access. Garages are better equipped because they have huge machines to make the underside of the car more easily accessible. 

Generally speaking, mobile car mechanics can do pretty much whatever car garages can do for your vehicle. The only limitation would be those jobs that would be physically impossible to do without large specialized equipment. 


When it comes to the repair or maintenance of your vehicle, you are left with two choices. Either you call for a mobile mechanic or you bring your car to the garage. No matter what you choose, you can expect that your car would be properly dealt with. Mobile mechanics are also professional mechanics and they have the tools plus knowledge to fix and maintain your vehicle. 

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