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5 Easiest Car Maintenance Anyone Can Do

Mobile mechanics are reliable. They can come to the rescue wherever you are and some even offer 24-hour service. Don’t wait for the time when your car won’t start anymore before you start maintaining your vehicle. There are simple and easy steps that any car owner can do. Some of these may seem easy that they don’t make a difference but they do.

Here Are The Easiest Car Maintenance You Can Do:

Change The Air Filter

The air filter is very easy to change that you can do it on your own. Changing this at least annually will help prevent your AC from overworking.

  1. To do that, you first need to open the hood and find where it is. It is usually inside a black case that has metal clips on the sides.
  2. Once you locate the case, open it but don’t take the old filter out yet. Look at how it is placed and make a mental note of this so you’ll know how to properly put the new filter in the case.
  3. Then, carefully remove the old filter carefully so that nothing falls inside the filter box.
  4. Place the new filter, close the lid and seal it with the metal clips.
Motor oil pouring to car engine.

Change The Oil And The Oil Filter

An oil change can be expensive, depending on where you’ll get it done and on what your vehicle is. Nevertheless, it is easy to do even on your own. Just make sure you buy the correct oil that’s compatible with the vehicle that you own.

Before you attempt to change the oil in your car, you must make sure that it isn’t hot. Only do it when your car has already rested for about an hour to prevent yourself from getting burned.

  1. The first step involves jacking up the car so make sure that it is parked at a leveled ground.
  2. Once jacked up, go under the vehicle and find the oil pan. Unscrew the plug to drain the oil. Make sure that you already have a container ready so that once the plug is removed, the engine oil won’t spill anywhere and just collect it into your container. The old oil can be recycled and you just have to bring it to a full-service gas station. Make sure to replace the drain plug before taking the next steps.
  3. While you’re at it, find the oil filter as well and remove it by making use of the oil filter wrench. It is possible that there is still oil on the filter so be careful of spills. Check to make sure that the old filter also comes with the rubber gasket.
  4. Before installing the new rubber gasket that is on the new filter, make sure to lubricate it first. Also, fill up the new oil filter with new oil, about ⅔ in volume.
  5. Secure the filter by tightening the screws.
  6. Open the hood and find the oil cap. Fill up the engine with the oil and use a dipstick to guide you to ensure that an adequate volume is added. Then place the cap back.

Check And Remove Corroded Battery Terminals

To ensure proper connection and function of the battery, it’s terminals should be checked. Corrosion in this area can mess with the car’s systems. It can also negatively affect the battery by draining it or preventing it from charging.

  1. The first step is to remove the cables from the battery. The negative cable should be first removed.
  2. The posts or terminals can be cleaned with a wire brush and a corrosion removal fluid, which is simply water with baking soda. Although there are commercial corrosion removal fluids, most create their own.
  3. After cleaning and removing the corrosion, rinse it out with plain water. Then dry it out with a rag.
  4. When it is completely dry, place back the cables starting with the positive ones.
Light bulb for a car’s headlights in male hand on the background of a car with an open hood.

Replace Busted Headlights

It’s not safe to drive in the dark. It is also not safe to drive around with only one headlight because cars might mistake you as a motorcycle from afar. It is fairly simple to replace. The cost will depend on the bulb that your car is fitted with. You only have to purchase it then you can replace it.

  1. Open the hood and find the bulb holder.
  2. The wire from the bulb holder should be removed by pressing on a lever, pulling up on a metal clip or unscrewing the cap off.
  3. With that, you can now remove the old bulb from the holder. Replace it with the new bulb and make sure it fits in all the way. When it is properly placed, there will be no rubber gasket that shows.
  4. Place the wiring back and secure the headlights with the new bulb in its proper place. Test it out to see if it works. If not, your busted headlights might not just be due to a defective bulb.

Change Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are essential in every car. They are made to be durable but they also need to be replaced due to naturally wearing down. Changing spark plugs will prevent misfires and cold fires, especially in winter. It is also easy to do and would take minutes depending on how many your car has.

  1. Find the spark plugs. If you don’t know where they are, follow the thick rubber wires under the hood. You’ll end up finding 4, 6 or 8 spark plugs depending on the car you have.
  2. Remove the wire from the plug by pulling it or wiggling it a bit. Make sure you only pull off one at a time.
  3. After removing the wire, a spark plug socket and an extension are attached to the racket. Loosen up the ratchet and slide the spark plug as far as it would go before removing the old plug.
  4. A new plug should be installed by hand screwing it then, later on, tighten it with a wrench.
  5. Reattach the wire and repeat with each of the other spark plugs.

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