Why Go With A Trusted Mobile Mechanic?

Once you have a trusted mobile mechanic you’ll likely never go back to a traditional auto shop again.  Why?  Three reasons, namely; convenience, dedicated customer focus, and price.

Convenient because you don’t have to bring your vehicle in and arrange a ride, excellent customer focus since they’re exclusively working on only YOUR car, not jumping around from vehicle to vehicle, and price since a mobile mechanic doesn’t have all that pesky overhead that an auto shop would have.

My Service Testimonials

I love what I do, hopefully it show with the services I perform.  Rather than going on about my, why do I let some of customers do the talking…

  • Gail Upton
    I'm a proud owner of a late model Ford Mustang, and there's only ONE person on this PLANET I would allow to work on my car: Matt Turner. As a show car owner himself he knows how to treat my green monster...thanks Matt!

    Gail Upton / St. Louis Trustee /

  • Tim Dyke
    As one of Matt original customers, I can honestly say that he is the most trustworthy mechanic in St Louis, and since I'm 75, I've known quite a few. He is always on time, quick at what he does, and always offers a fair price.

    Tim Dyke / Retired Army /

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